After six months of traveling, we’re back – for now! Colorado, to Arizona, then California

As Costa Rica heads into its low-season (August-October), Brandon, Christina and I started experiencing just how rainy and stormy it can get.

It has stormed almost every night for the last two weeks, and sometimes a light rain shower hit in the mornings, afternoons or early evenings. Often at night, after settling into our beds, falling asleep to the pounding rain, we would soon wake to the deafly sounds of crackling thunder and the heavy vibrations rattling our windows and doors. A few nights, from our apartment balcony at Altamar, we witnessed insane lightning storms. The blinding strikes in the distance could be as bright as the sun, other times the sky would flicker for an hour or two straight.

This crazy weather has taken a toll on our surfing and exploring. The rivers have been filling, sometimes flooding over the embankments and the streets. The resulting runoff into the ocean has brought logs, trash and murky brown water. The currents are all over the place, and the waves aren’t that good. Even the locals haven’t been surfing. And, we don’t have a vehicle to check other surf breaks.

Then, to top it off many shops, tour agencies, restaurants and bars have started to close for the next couple months (September –October) – leaving us to conjure up new food recipes, read, skim Facebook and Instagram, play Scrabble and watch old episodes of Friends (Brandon’s favorite)!

As I mentioned in my last post (“Costa Rica: Home is where you make it”), the costs of living in Costa Rica, such as food, lodging and taxes, are ridiculously higher than we predicted. Because of this, and a few other factors, Brandon and I decided not to embark on a business venture or set roots here permanently. So, why stay through the low-rainy-season and drain our bank account when we could see our friends and family, pick up some work to replenish our savings and enjoy the rest of summer back in the States?

That’s the great thing about traveling; things change all of the time!

So, here we are – back in the States until November (when we will go back)! Surprise!

We arrived in Denver, Colorado, around mid-night last night. Here we will visit with Brandon’s family, celebrate his nanas 82nd birthday and see our good friend Taylor (who recently moved to Denver).

Early next week we will drive our rental car into the blazing Arizona heat to visit my dad in Fountain Hills.  We are planning a mountain bike riding excursion and possibly taking a few jet-skis out on the lake.

After a couple days, Brandon and I, borrowing one of my dads Jeep’s, will head back to the OC. (Wow! I can’t believe it!)

Brandon will return to The Senor Barbers in San Clemente. For all you dudes that need a cut, he’ll be there the beginning of September. As for me, I am not sure yet. I have a few opportunities that may be worth pursuing to fill my time and make a few bucks. We’ll see.

What about our friend Christina?

She is off, embarking on a solo journey, to learn Spanish, meet people, and realize her true strengths and passions in life. She will be staying in the apartment we rented in Santa Teresa until the beginning of September, when she will head to Panama. Who knows what she will cook up next, or where the wind will blow her sails. We are extremely excited and proud of her for going for it! Of course, I will be monitoring her every move and will keep you all updated. (HA!)

In the meantime, friends and family, we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Until then, keep shredding and living!

Much love, Katie and Brandon

7 thoughts on “After six months of traveling, we’re back – for now! Colorado, to Arizona, then California

  1. Let me know when you hit the OC! Would love to see you guys! So excited and proud of the freedom you have chosen to live by!!

    In Light, Maggie

  2. Congratulations, Katie and Brandon! Welcome home. I can now exhale. Let me know where I can send your 1st anniversary present. It was gonna be a wedding present but I thought you might need it upon your return. It’s been earning interest for you anyway. I’m sure everyone can’t wait to get their arms around you! Just know we all love you guys and we’re pleased you are in reach! Hugs, S.

  3. Hi there, Brandon I only sat across from you once in the chair at Senior’s Barber Shop and I heard how you were moving to Costa Rica. I’ve taken my retirement from Southern Cal Edison at SONGS. Tomorrow is my last day here. My wife and I have decided to try living in Nicaragua. No intention of opening a business just serviving and enjoying the country, the people and the freedom. We’ve got about $2000 per month stable income. Do you think we can make it down there. Any suggestions for me to keep my sanity, I’ve worked since I was 16. I’d love to here from you. My email. I hope you and your lovely wife find piece and happiness wherever you land.


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